"Thank you for my cooking class (your hopefully auspicious first cooking class participant at your new venue). I regret not making contact with you earlier. Having looked at your website, I realise that I could have spent my time in Hanoi more profitably. On the other hand, it gives me an excuse for another trip."

-- Brian Bartley, Australia



Hidden Hanoi was established in 2004 when 2 good friends with a deep passion for Vietnamese culture and cuisine decided that they wanted to share that passion, and their knowledge, through the food, the architecture, language and mythology of Vietnam’s intoxicating Capital City.

At Hidden Hanoi we offer only high quality, informative Walking Tours, fully hands on Cooking Classes and Language Lessons to customers wishing to enrich their time in Vietnam.

Our Cooking Classes are fully hands-on, not just a demonstration. Guests have the chance to prepare their own typical Vietnamese meal in our perposely built kitchen, before enjoying the meal in a friendly informal atmosphere.

We offer 4 different Walking Tours -

  • The Old Quarter
  • Street Food
  • French Quarter and
  • A tour of Hanoi's most impressive Pagodas and Temples.

Each Tour focuses on a different area of Hanoi or cultural topic and is between 1 ½ to 2 hours long, an ideal length if you have a morning or afternoon free.

The cooking class and walking tours can also be combined with a Holiday Vietnamese Lesson, which will equip guests to bargain and shop at the market for themselves. Taken on its own, the class is an invaluable introduction to the Vietnamese language holidaymakers will find their time in Vietnam infinitely more rewarding if they can exchange a few simple sentences with the people they meet.

We also offer a 1 week course for those who have more time or are traveling more extensively in Vietnam. This intensive, six-day language course for beginners offers you the unique opportunity to find out more about both the city and the language.

At the Vietnamese Language School we have the Vietnamese courses for the ex-pat of all levels. We offer small group classes, using a very practical textbook written by Mrs. Hanh An, founder of Hidden Hanoi.

Any enquiries about our services can be sent to us by using the form on the Contact Us page.

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