Hidden Hanoi

Vietnamese Cultural & Culinary Center

Hidden Hanoi

Vietnamese Language, Cultural & Culinary Center

Cooking Classes

Our Cooking Classes are fully hands-on, not just a demonstration. Guests have the chance to prepare their own typical Vietnamese meal in our purposely built kitchen, before enjoying the meal in a friendly informal atmosphere.

Learn Vietnamese

Whether you are in Vietnam for work, travel, or you have moved here with your family your time here will be infinately more enjoyable and rewarding if you have even a basic grasp of the language.

Walking Tours

Each Tour focuses on a different area of Hanoi or cultural topic and is between 1 ½ to 2 hours long, an ideal length if you have a morning or afternoon free.


Established in 2003 by Miss Tran Hanh An, a journalist who had a deep passion for her Vietnamese culture and wanted to share that passion with visitors through the food, the architecture, language and mythology of Vietnam's intoxicating capital city, Ha Noi.

Hidden Hanoi offers visitors the opportunity to learn and experience Vietnamese culture through informative walking tours, fully hands on cooking classes and personal language lessons.

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