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Cooking Classes Hanoi

Would you like to be able to return home from your time in Vietnam, to dazzle your family and friends with mouth-watering delicacies like Banana Flower Salad, Phở, Bun Cha and Fresh Spring Rolls?

With us you can learn to cook Vietnam’s most iconic dishes in our tranquil garden in the middle of the bustling city.

Our menus consist of some of the most popular and authentically Vietnamese dishes. All recipes are prepared using ingredients that can be found in most well stocked Asian grocery stores, so you can easily replicate them in your own kitchen.

Not only do we show you how to cook the dishes but also introduce Vietnamese culture through out the course. We show a short movie that demonstrates traditional Vietnamese kitchen; by explaining the importance of rice and its cultural significance; the different spices, when and how they are used; the market; and of course fish sauce.

The first guest to book may choose from one of these 6 different menus (so book early if you have a special request).


  • Fresh rice paper Spring Rolls with Prawns
  • Prawns with Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Green Papaya Salad
  • Sour Fish Soup

This lightly balanced summer meal showcases several typical Vietnamese cooking techniques such as rolling, stir-frying and dipping!


  • Cabbage Rolls filled with Pork and Mushrooms
  • Claypot Stewed Chicken with Lotus Seeds and Mushrooms
  • Banana Flower Salad
  • Green Wasabi Leaves Soup

This meal is most often eaten when the weather is cooler. The ingredients are readily available in most countries and the recipes can be easily adapted to suit individual tastes.

Street food – Bún chả

  • Fresh Bun Noodle and Mixed Herb Salad
  • Nước mắm (fish sauce) Soup with Green Papaya and Carrot
  • Marinated and BBQ’d Pork
  • Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls

This menu is a speciality on Hanoi’s streets. Typicaly served at lunch, the soup is served cold in Summer and warm in Winter.


  • Water Spinach Salad/Seasonal Vegetables
  • Claypot Stewed Eggplant with Pork
  • Fresh water clams
  • Tofu with Fresh Tomato Sauce

This is the sort of meal Vietnamese country folk might eat at harvest time. They will harvest water spinach and collect small clams from the local ponds to make a simple, yet delicious soup eaten with salted small eggplants or fried and served with rice crackers.

Pagoda Vegetarian

  • Fresh Organic in Season Vegetables
  • Vietnamese Mixed Vegetable Curry
  • Fried Tofu
  • Charcoaled Eggplant

Not even fish sauce is used in these traditional dishes that are usually prepared for monks in the Pagodas around Hanoi. If you are considering a class with some meat eating friends, ask us if you can include a selection from this menu with another, we recommend the Street Food menu.



  • Fresh Pho wrap and roll with beef and herbs
  • Quay nong (Bread to eat with Pho)
  • Traditional Pho Broth
  • Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup)

Pho, rice noodle soup with beef or chicken, is considered Vietnam’s national dish and it’s eaten every where on the street.  Families guard their Pho Broths closely but Hidden Hanoi will show you all our secret ingredients as well as simplify the recipe and method so that you can recreate it at home for you family and friends.

Classes are held Monday to Saturday 11 am – 2 pm
For same day bookings please call +8491 225 4045


$45 US / person at 11am
or $55 / person including a market tour from 10am to 11am before the cooking class.
Meeting place: Will be given in mail to confirm.
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Some Kind words

"Enjoyable and eye-opening"

We learned more than just cooking skills during the market tour and cooking class. The tour was insightful and gave us a great peek into Vietnamese culture. I've been to plenty of markets around the world but the tour included in this one was one of the best.

The cooking class itself was hands-on and our lunch at the end of it is still one of our best meals in Vietnam.

The whole experience is well organized and the instructors were easy to understand. An enjoyable time that I certainly would recommend and do again if I have the chance."

Visited March 2014 – Mitesh from Cape town

"Best market tour and hands-on cooking class for a group"

"I have taken numerous cooking classes at Hidden Hanoi over the past 6 years. It is by far the best-organized, most hands-on cooking experience offered in Hanoi. Recently I brought a group of eleven people (ages 22-83) to Hidden Hanoi for a market tour and seafood cooking class. The market tour covered many topics and foods not mentioned in other market tours. Our guide, An, is an excellent communicator, extremely knowledgable, and loads of fun.

Many in our group claimed to be hopeless in the kitchen, yet they all participated enthusiastically and were amazed at the delicious foods they prepared themselves. Everyone had a great time, learned a lot about food and culture, and enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by their very own hands. It was a highlight of their trip! By the way, I have also taken Hidden Hanoi cooking classes with only two or three people, and it is always well-organized, fun, and tasty.

Visited October 2013 – Rebecca - food editor from Hawaii

"Highly recommended - it was very fun and very unique. "

"This was SO MUCH FUN! My husband and I did the street food cooking class while on our honeymoon in Hanoi. It was a very small group, just us and 2 others. Our instructor spoke PERFECT English and started by giving us a full history/idea of what kind of food Vietnamese typically eat and when and why.

We made street food (fried spring rolls, bun cha, broth, etc.) Everything was well-explained and the instructor and other aides were a big help. We got to take part in all aspects while being well-guided by the women there. The food turned out great and it was fun to sit and eat all the delicious food we had just made."

Erica from California, United States